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Yay, Dick!

Since I'm apparently insane, I've claimed Dick at fanfic100. I'm not sure how long it will take me to finish, but I will get it done. I have to say that I was inspired by sadiekate's claiming of Sheriff Lamb.

Here's the link to the table, if anyone wants to keep track. I won't be posting every single individual fic here, but I'll post some of them. And I'll repost the link to the table when I'm done.

Big Damn Dick Table
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Wow - now this month seriously calls for a celebration!
First Sadiekate now you.

Well - good luck! Can't wait to read 100 Dick Fic's.

*I am so not going to think about how that sentence is sounding*
Hee. Well, earlier I told someone that "There's lots of Dick in my future!" So, yeah, I see lots of sentences like that coming my way.
First, Lamb.
Now, Dick.

Why, Christmas has come early!
You are my hero. God bless you!
Good luck! I cannot wait to read your fics!

Hmm, and it seems that Cassidy is not taken... gosh, I am so tempted to torture myself and take him right up.
this is in no way related to ur post lol but nice icon lol