bottled star (offtheceiling) wrote in ourcabanaboy,
bottled star

Pimpin' Dick

A few people have asked about a banner to link to in their user info. I made a smaller version of our header, just for pimping purposes.

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Cool! I love pimpin' Dick!!
Heh. I already shrunk it. And pimped it. Cause I love to pimp Dick.

*giggles like I'm 8*
Woot : D

I'm gonna pimp for the VD-hate community too, what graphic should I use?
Check out our first post. It's in there. :)
*goes off to do and comment and bitch like crazy*
Big pimpin', spending G's. Big pimpin' on BLADS or something...
OOoh, perfect for community pimpage :D Personally, I love it all big though, gets people's attention.