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Dick In Motion

Well, it's actually Ryan in Motion. I don't know if everyone saw Ryan Hansen in That's So Raven, but I'm not afraid to say that I fell a little bit in love with him after watching it. I seriously have a thing for guys who can dance. Here is a link, if anyone wants to check it out. Ryan's Cool Dance Moves.

That brings me to another little idea some friends and I had. After finding out what an awesome dancer Ryan is, we decided that we seriously want to see Dick bust some moves this year. We want to see more of Dick in general this season, so we decided to e-mail Rob Thomas to let him know how we feel. But we wanted to be somewhat creative, so we decided to start a "Make Dick Dance" campaign. I think sexycereal actually used that phrase in a post and I just liked the way it sounded. If anyone wants to join in the campaign, lostt1 was nice enough to make a poster for it. So feel free to contact RT and see if we can't get more Dick this season.

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