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Randomness... sorry for the spam!!

Had to post to show off my new icon!!
made by: perished
I love the look on his face!


Love to all! Have a good weekend guys!
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*uses her walksinthepark icon too*

Gotta love Dick.
I can't actually believe I lived my life without him.

It was a hard hard life.

Dick arrived and birds sang, unicorns sprouted outta the woods, and the sun shone like a wildflower in the spring.

I know I'm living in a mansion bought with leprachaun gold!


Seriously, best.line.ever.

OMG- Dick's poor now. I'll console him. Sweet sweet Dick.
OMG- Dick's poor now
lmao. I know!! I was like, holy crap! What are him and Beaver gonna do??

The best thing today was talking to my friend, whose an intern at the school's office. She works with the shredder... I nearly died laughing but no one else got it!!
I work at a business office at the college I go to.

The shredder didn't work today. I laughed. My boss stared.
hehe... yeah the only explination for any insanity I have is telling my friends that I own a TV.
You have NO idea how funny that is.

After my big "shredder" hilarity, we discussed the fat that my boss doesn't watch anything but the news.
I can't even explain VM to anybody.
I started watching One Tree Hill so my friend would watch VM. Once I get the VM DVDs then I can have someone to gush over Logan, Dick, Beaver, er... even Wallace, with at school!
No one wants to watch it with me.

I got my mind kinda into it. (Logan's the cute one right?)

My mom, the genuis.
My one friend who I made watch it has chosen Lost over it. So sad... I like Lost, but It's too cliff-hangy and there is only one gorgeous guy (Jack!) on there as to the bajillion on VM.

I got my mom into it, and my grandma kinda watches it with us. I also burned all of season one for my friend who lives in Boston (I'm all the way in the midwest) and mailed the CDs to her! The only problem is her being a couple hundred miles away... but we gush online to each other.
CHARLIE IS SO GORGEOUS!! OMG YES...yes, I watch Lost too. DVR is so nice.

That's awesome. I blew money I needed for gas on it. I'm a bad person.
Haha! Okay I love Charlie too! And well, I like Lost and I wish it wasn't on the same time as VM! Thank goodies for my brother taping the eps. for me! I'll see them eventually!

I'm not allowed to use my credit card anymore so my mom's new rule kinda made it cool since she has to buy VM now. I'm really not complaining.
Charlie is love. And I adore Claire...I'm a lost fan.

That sucks. I still use mine and my mommy gives me money. I love my mommy.
after a 700-some $ bill, I'm pretty okay with cash as of now. heh...
Wait, you spent that? ON WHAT?
heh... um... stuff?

I have this slight shopping habit. Actually I don't!! I just kinda got bored a lot and went to visit my brother at work. Who happens to work at the mall! Oh and Target is a big weakness...

I will help you. There is this thing called bargain shopping. It is nice. Thrift stores and flea markets.
It's actually really hard for me to buy something if it's not on sale. I love this one thrift store around here but it has really crap hours!
Walmart has good cheap clothes that are kinda cute...
Eh, I'm not so much a walmart fan. But I got my last pair of jeans at American Eagle for 20 bucks! I was proud.