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Dick In Motion

Well, it's actually Ryan in Motion. I don't know if everyone saw Ryan Hansen in That's So Raven, but I'm not afraid to say that I fell a little bit in love with him after watching it. I seriously have a thing for guys who can dance. Here is a link, if anyone wants to check it out. Ryan's Cool Dance Moves.

That brings me to another little idea some friends and I had. After finding out what an awesome dancer Ryan is, we decided that we seriously want to see Dick bust some moves this year. We want to see more of Dick in general this season, so we decided to e-mail Rob Thomas to let him know how we feel. But we wanted to be somewhat creative, so we decided to start a "Make Dick Dance" campaign. I think sexycereal actually used that phrase in a post and I just liked the way it sounded. If anyone wants to join in the campaign, lostt1 was nice enough to make a poster for it. So feel free to contact RT and see if we can't get more Dick this season.

Image hosted by</center
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OMFG, Dick can dance! Think we can get RT to let him do that backflip thing? Thanks for posting this, Tracie. :)
Yes, he can. That's our boy. I was thinking the same thing about the back flip. If Dick doesn't show up at some school dances this year, I'm gonna be mighty pissed.
I have tears in my eyes every time I watch that clip of Raven, glad someone posted it here. We need to spread the Dick Dancing Love!

The banner is amazing btw :)
We do need to spread the love. Whenever I watch the clip and see the 3 boys, I keep wondering if we could get Logan, Dick and Beaver to do that. What a group that would be. LOL!!

Thank Melissa lostt1 for the poster. She's been so great in indulging my rabid Dick love. She's working on some matching icons, too.
DAMN, the boy can dance. So hot! I think I just fell a little harder.

How sad is it that I totally recognized the other guy from One Tree Hill? So sad.
I don't OTH, so I didn't recognize the other guy. It is really hard not to fall in love with him after watching that. I loved the little move in ATttD, but this was way better.

My kids have the Raven DVD with that ep. on it, so I'm always sure to be around when they're watching it. :)
Oh lordy, thank you for posting this! I hadn't seen that ep but I think I just fell for Ryan in the worst way ever. I LOVE a guy who can dance. Like whoa. He knows how to move his body. Ummm, yeah. *goes to lovely dirty place in head*
I hear ya. I don't know if RT really wants Dick to be dancer, but how can he let that go to waste? All these naughty thought can't be healthy...can they?
I agree that Dick must dance. Make DIck Dance! And gosh, I love your icon.

"All these naughty thoughts can't be healthy... can they?"

Oh no... I'm very very sick. ;)

Look! *waves hands with a flourish* I made my first icon! And it is Dick. :)


11 years ago

That banner is lovely! You should def. shrink it to icon size!
Thanks. The person who made it is working on the icons. I'll post them as soon as they're ready.

RT needs to give Dick a boyband storyline, like yesterday!
Ah, I know! I can totally picture it! I mean, Dick would do it for the chicks alone!

Somehow, I want Logan and Beaver involved in that storyline as well.

ITA. We can all play his squeeing fangirls. :)
He's a dancer?


I've died. And gone to Heaven. Yeah, I'm signing that petition.

*dies with you*

Go to RT's website and e-mail him that we want to see Ryan dance. I think that's the best way to let him know what we want.

There is a school dance coming up, so maybe RT will surprise us and have Dick show us some of those awesome moves. *fingers crossed*
That would be the best whatever gift ever.
Heh, that's so cute! And I loved his dancing in AtttD : D
Aw, I LOVE that icon! Can I use it? I'd credit you of course.

And yes, I'm DYING to see Dick dance again, and that Raven clip is absolutely AWESOME.
Absolutely. We need to spread the Dick love. *g*
Thanks! And of course I sooooo agree.

Dick had better be dancing in next week's ep, or I shall be sorely disappointed.
You and me both. I'm actually dreading watching it because I don't want to be disappointed. I'm hoping RT won't let us down.


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Ah, the link is expired. Maybe wanna reload it? Pretty please? I remember that episode, it was funny. I remember he was like, really stupid, the stereotypical boy-band dumb blonde.
OK, it's updated.
Okay, yeah, they need to have him dance on VM. Make Dick Dance, definitly. And let him wear more orange.