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Dick pic post

I posted these in my journal a while ago, but I thought it would be nice to have them in the community too : D

"Pretty well fed for a bum."

Flashing his goods

Being the best bully ever

Always lurking around

"Uh-oh, someone's got her eye on that Miss White Trash title."

Floofy hair

Looking to his leader

"It's Kes"

"The hell?"

"This is my child."

Evil shenanigans are a'brewin'

"Beaver's getting all the lovin', Dick's flapping out in the breeze."

Aw, the best boyfriend

What's a guy to do?

Floofy hair

Kind of adorable there

Saturday night fever

"I could have danced all night..."


Hee, he looks so evil there!

Virgin sacrifice

"Ready and willing."

"You don't know where she's been."

"You're frickin' nuts, you know that?"

"I swear on my life."

"Beaver, don't go, you said you were gonna stay here with me."

"Don't go blaming me because you got all wasted and slutty."

His beloved child...

"Please tell me this is like, some new reality show called 'My Skank'."


"An-an-and how do you-how do you explain the shoes, huh?"

"To the grave, man."

There'll be more once I find some season two caps. Btw, credit for the screencaps goes to _jems_.
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In the cap where Beaver and Dick go to Logans it so looks like Aaron got cut and pasted.
wow... he really does.
Yeah, it does. That's both crazy and amusing ;P Btw, WELCOME new member : D
thanks =)
Ha, it really does! His hand looks crazy.
So does his nose. It looks like it got cut off.
Yeah, that's funny : D
And welcome you new member you! : D
I can't decide if I want to run my hands through his hair or like...have it on my head. It's so lovely.


October 9 2005, 03:48:46 UTC 11 years ago

Yes it is. It's been overdosed with hair products, that's for sure, but I still love it. FLOOFY
Eh, Bleach more than anything.

Let's just say the carpet probably don't match el drapes.
No doubt, no doubt.


The roots don't match the tips??? LOL

And it's nice to see you on : )

I just wanted an excuse to say that. Found one!

Yep, on for now. Imma going to bed in like 30 minutes. I have to have this like whole 8 hour deal. What loser gets 8 hours sleep?
Hehehehehe I know how that is, I surely do.

GAWD, nobody I know : D I'm so exhausted myself, but LJ calls my name, as it calls most of us. Much like the call of the wild. I'm feeling insane right now, absolutely insane.

I'm drinking coke in hopes to stay up. Yes, I am.
Hahahahahahahahah, that's fucking hilarious. We both need sleep but we DON'T, we REFUSE.

I should start a community: I REFUSE MYSELF SLEEP

Okay, nosy eyes are peering "Tabitha's talking to a man!!!" Hahahahahahah, they saw the Dick icon.
Sleep bad. Coke good.

That would probably be HUGE.

Oh, I'm all woman.
Coke, eh. Minute Maid Citrus Punch and Red Bull, good : D

I know, we're all insane.

Heheheh, yeah, that's why it was so hilarious. They think I'm a devious slut : D
Well, that's difintely a recipe for insomnia.

Yes, insanity is good.

Bad girl, bad bad girl. :P
Dick would like you. To y'know get back on topic.
Yeah, that was a theoretical recipe that I would find delightful, I've actually had Hi-C, chocolate, and caesar salad...

Hahha, I know *whips sluttiness into shape* I love feeling slutty : D

Heh, I know, he would! But is there ever really a topic??? Is there???

Slutty is a good feeling. Very productive.

His ass is a good one though.
VERY. As you can see : D

His ass, I can barely see it, it's always covered in shirt, but I believe you : D
Well, I imagine so much, I have begun to believe that every week, we see his sweet sweet ass.


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